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For God, Family & Country. Memorable gifts for all occasions.

Dear Friend,

Welcome to For GOD Family and Country!

Original Products: You’ll find our selection one-of-a-kind.  Over 100 products were, by GOD’s Grace, produced here.

Excitement: We are revved up to introduce many new products to the public! We hope that you will like them as much as we liked designing them.

Affordable prices: One of our goals is to provide inspirational gifts at affordable prices. Though prices do vary, the bulk of our products are under $10.00 each. 

A Family-Friendly Style: All aspects of our business are planned with the best interest of the family in mind. 

Made In America Brand: In order to support our fellow Americans, all of our products are made in the USA. 

High Standards: Our product line was selected to uplift, inspire, educate, and/or wholesomely entertain you and your family. 

Honoring GOD: We desire, infinitely above all else, to honor the LORD and to follow Biblical morality in every aspect of our lives. In this regard, we will only sell wholesome products and never intentionally sell any immoral product. However, as commanded in the Holy Scriptures, we will not sell the Word of GOD. The Holy Bible states, “freely we have received freely we give.” We, therefore, offer the infinitely Greatest Book, the Holy Bible - not for sale - but for free - postage paid - to any one who requests one.

Some important questions…
Have you ever enjoyed thumbing through a catalog and then suddenly been turned off by an immoral or vulgar product?  If so, you are not alone, that has happened to us, too.  It is something that will never happen to you here.

How can For GOD Family and Country.com compete with big global corporations and afford to offer prices lower than the Amazons and Wal-Marts of the world?
Most of our products are copyrighted by our parent company Gift of a Lifetime. Because of producing many of our products in-house, we are able to offer most for under five dollars each. For those products that are not copyrighed by Gift of a Lifetime, such as DVD movies, we offer many special deals that include a free original product from our line. That is something no other store can offer. Our clients will, herefore, be able to purchase many of our DVD’s at an averaged-out better price plus receive an additional inspirational gift. Click here to see all of our free offers.

Are For GOD Family and Country’s products politically correct?  No. Sadly, even our very name is no longer politically correct. 

For God Family and Country’s products seem to be just for fundamental Christians who are Americans. Is that true?  Our store is for Christians, Americans and all people around the world who appreciate family-friendly entertainment and acknowledge Biblical principle.

Why did you start ForGODFamilyandCountry.com? We had been repeatedly disappointed by the production of so many immoral and vulgar movies, TV shows, school books, and CD’s. We believe that many people feel like we do and long for the days of Biblically-sound, morally-upright, wholesome entertainment and education. 

We desire, by GOD’s Grace, to be a friend of the family, a friend to the nation, and a loyal friend to you.   

Stay tuned, down the road, the Good LORD willing, we’ll be looking to sell some of your (our like-minded friends’) products on our site.  If you make (and want to sell) a catchy gift or have an idea that might be - just what America needs - give us a call.

We are also pleased to present some delightful “gift bundles” - at a 10% savings - each with a special theme.  See the Bundles page.

Mike LampirisSteve Lampiris
All the best,
Michael & Stephen Lampiris